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    Nothing is more important than your love for each other, so what better way to tell your love story than through seductive and impassioned photographs? Experts at capturing the emotions of our subjects, DIRTY DOLLY Photography will create a beautiful expression of your relationship, illustrating the love, passion and romance that makes your life together special.

    From classic couples portraits, to exotic scenarios, to documenting your most erotic and private moments of passion, our DISCRETE photo team will put you and your partner at ease with our light-hearted, yet professional manner, making your photo session a truly enjoyable and memorable experience for both of you.

    Our approach to your shoot will always be sensual and artistic, not pornographic, striving to capture not only the love and romance, but also the passion that exists between you and the one you love. There are no limits, as you can be as subtle or as daring as you choose to be for your photos. We’re not shy, so go for it if it feels right!

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