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    We're not photojournalists, we're not here to capture reality through our images. Dirty Dolly is about fantasy...and as perfect as we all in our own beauty, even the most flawless of us could use a little photoshop polish. Let's face it, we all have a scar we want gone, a mole that isn't very attractive or a stretch mark that just wouldn't go away. EVERY SINGLE CELEBRITY or MODEL on/in Rolling Stone, Playboy or Vogue does it, that's why they look the way the do! Ultimately photo retouching is about showing the best version of you and we're here to to make you look like a star!

    PACKAGE A: $99 TWO digitally retouched images

    PACKAGE B: $179 FOUR digitally retouched images ($19 savings)

    PACKAGE C: $319 EIGHT digitally retouched images ($77 savings)

    PACKAGE D: $419 TWELVE digitally retouched images ($175 savings)

    All files are delivered in high-resolution print-ready and web-ready files