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    "When I first laid eyes on my Dirty Dolly images, I was completely stunned! As a "hobby" model, I have dealt with photographers in the past, but Dirty Dolly seemed to capture something edgy raw and fresh. Something that is is becoming evermore rare with each passing day. When I got in touch with Richard for a photo shoot, I instantly wanted to shoot with him! (Not to mention the artistic connection we had.) When he traveled down to Miami for our shoot he was accompanied by the ever-so-amazing makeup artist Denise. I can tell you in full faith no one has ever painted my face like her. Her artistry and creations are unmatched and she is innovative to no end! Shooting with Richard and Denise was a true pleasure! They are both professional and enthusiastic about their work, making hours seem like minutes! Our shoot consisted of several group ideas between the three of us. I was very refreshed when my off the wall ideas got approved with a very enthusiastic 'YES'! There is nothing Richard cannot superimpose with his amazing skill with photoshop and no color palette Denise cannot make happen for you! I guarantee that shooting with Dirty Dolly is not only an experience, but will truly leave you with gorgeous images to last a lifetime!" —Christy, Miami, FL

    "The few times Dirty Dolly Photography visited the Bay Area and we had the unique opportunity to observe them work and have some photos taken. The talent and skill of this creative team cannot be overstated, nor can their ability to capture their subject's true nature. I would have never believed how at ease I would be with the process; a testament to Dirty Dolly's hard work, dedication, and vision. Every woman should have an opportunity to pamper herself in this way. We are converts and true believers. Thank you!" —Marina, San Francisco, CA


    "Thank you for finding my inner strength, beauty, sensuality.... I still can't believe that gorgeous woman in those pictures is actually ME!! You made it so incredibly easy to trust you implicitly, and the finished photographs are something I treasure. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" —Shannon, Stevenson Ranch, CA


    “I’ve had three shoots now, and the experience from start to the final photos is fantastic! From the word 'go', DIRTY DOLLY helped me envision the looks we were going for, and advised me on every detail of each outfit. The makeup artist made me feel like a supermodel. She created an edgy appearance and made me look flawless. Finally, Richard’s skill with the camera is rivaled only by his skill to make you feel comfortable and sexy. The photos are phenomenal, and I can't wait to do it again!” —Kathleen, Scottsdale, AZ


    “I could not imagine a more positive, fun experience. I was nervous going in, but both Richard and his makeup artist put me right at ease. They did a perfect job of honoring natural me while pulling out my edgy, 'badass' side (ha ha!). We all had an absolute blast, got some amazing photos, and by the time the session was over we had made some great new friends.” —Kate, Atlanta, GA 


    "Booking a photoshoot with Dirty Dolly is not just getting some sexy photos taken. It is a very memorable experience with lasting images that will keep those memories alive. Richard is one of the most experienced, knowledgeable and creative photographers that I have ever come across. His vibrant and witty personality will bring out the best in you which reflects in his stunning images! I cannot wait to book my next photo shoot with Dirty Dolly! I suggest you do the same!" —JeNi, Las Vegas, NV


    “If you get the chance to do a photo shoot with dirty dolly do it! He is incredibly talented and has the ability to create your fantasy looks in beautiful, one-of-a-kind photos! The makeup artist was equaly amazing! Both were very friendly and personable and take the time to listen to get the specific "looks" you are looking for in your photos. Every girl should do a photo-shoot with dirty dolly at least once!” — Melisa, Carlsbad, CA


    "Words cannot describe what an amazing time I had shooting with Richard of Dirty Dolly...and the fun and uber talented makeup artist Denise. He did a great job putting me at ease and made me feel at home in front of his lens. Hmmm...on second thought, if I give Dirty Dolly a bad testimonial I get to keep him all for myself. Yeah...he sucked." —Amy, Los Angeles, CA

    “Richard's work is amazing! He is truly a gifted artist who has the unique ability to see the most beautiful aspects of any woman and bring those out in her photo shoot. It's easier to look beautiful when you're around someone who makes you feel beautiful and comfortable with yourself. — Jameela, San Leandro, CA


    "Richard and the very talented makeup artist Denise are two amazing individuals. Put them together and DIRTYDOLLY will blow your mind! They exude so much energy and passion, and it all comes out in the photos. I was honored to be in their company, let alone the center of their attention. The photo shoot was such an exhilarating experience I am ready to do it all again! We are happy to have had the opportunity to meet these two and feel fortunate to call them friends. Don't take our word for it-find out for yourselves! You will not be disappointed." —Sara, St. Paul, MN


    “Richard is a photo god. Honestly, his is some of the best work I have done. His images are so high quality that they have ruined me for working with other photographers! The ability for Richard to think outside of the box and create art with almost every shot is what makes him so unique. His images make you completely stop and think. I love going back to those photos that he and I did. It reminds me of a day when I truly felt liberated and like I was creating something, which represented me as the strong woman I am. I rarely get to do that. You will thank yourself.” —Charisma, San Francisco, CA


    "I had the best time working with Richard on our photo shoot! My pictures came out soooo well and I have gotten so much response from them, all positive! I can't wait to shoot again. But beyond that, he is a true gentlemen. I look forward to future photo shoots!" —Karlyn, Sherman Oaks, CA


    "Richard does so much more than take great photos. He has the creativity to discover a variety of looks for you: sexy shots that capture your erotic side, fun photos for your playful side, and exquisite nudes for your artsy side. Moreover, Richard has the talent and expertise to produce the most stunning results. Richard is an inspired artist. One photo session with Richard is like ten photo sessions with any other photographer." —Keiko, Dallas, TX


    "Amazing, talented and NAUGHTY...Richard is definitely a master of the arts. He made me feel so comfortable and absolutely amazing. Whether in an alley or on the roof of a building, he always made me feel as if I were glowing. If you ever get a chance to book a shoot, I would highly suggest it. He is an amazing person and an astonishing photographer." —Ashley, Clovis, CA


    "They say a picture is worth a thousand words. When it comes to DIRTYDOLLY, the photographer is worth a million dollars! What a true delight he was. Richard made me feel like a real professional model. I felt at ease in front of the camera and had a blast the whole time. He is an amazing and talented artist. If DIRTYDOLLY is in your neck of the woods grab him while you can!" —Julie, Redondo Beach, CA


    "Richard and Denise = absolutely amazing. The talent, the personalities, the talent~ the fun~ did i mention the talent?! I was terrified to do a shoot with them. I mean, have you seen their models? Yet they made me feel comfortable...pretty...I even had fun! Thank you for helping me see myself in a beautiful light. I hope every woman gets the opportunity. I still think they should consider changing their name to MIRACLEWORKERS. :) R & D~ thank you, thank you, thank you!" —Lisa, Saint Paul, MN